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During any welding process, heat is sometimes generated so as to fuse two metals together. This heat causes the formation of fumes and gases. This smoke is meant to guard the weld. Unfortunately, these fumes and gases can harm the welding operator. to form matters worse, some welders are required to weld in an indoor space without proper ventilation.

The electrode that's used for submerged arch welding (SAW) encompasses a coat of flux that burns into a gas. This gas is supposed to guard the weld from contaminants. This process usually involves fumes and other chemicals to be produced within the process. additionally Small partials can even be found within the smoke, which is typically manufactured from manganese. This metal vapor can harm many parts of the body like the lungs and brain. When this vapor is inhaled, it can act sort of a neurotoxic poison and might cause disorders like Parkinson's disorder. With good ventilation this problem are often avoided; however, many roles within the industry like ship yard, needs the worker to weld in an indoor space with little to no ventilation.