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FingerGaurd / FingerSaver

Each day in many Industries, someone is sustaining hand and finger injuries that are avoidable. Using the proper guard must be a required part of day-to-day life. If you're working in areas where things might strike you on the pinnacle, you will wear a hard hat. If any particles threaten your eyes, you will use safety glass. Think of your hands similarly! Take care to keep them secure and out of damage; see to it to use the FingerGaurd; do not take dangers with your hands.

A finger guard is a premium quality safety and protection device that allows you to keep your fingers away from threats when functioning. When dealing with flogging spanners, influence wrenches, or hydraulic torque tools, it maintains your fingers well away and removes danger. It lets you protect the work device to one end of the safety and security device, attach it, and manage it with the various others.


Kaspro is the leading Brand and supplier of Personal Safety Equipment in Saudi Arabia. We are engaged in offering excellent high-quality FingerGaurd to our important customers. Never put your hands or fingers in an area where they could get harmed.

You can hold the end of the Fingersaver, or it can be held in position by a coworker or job friend to minimize the risk of injury and permit you to focus on the tensioning. This easy-to-use product substantially enhances safety and security without decreasing jobs or being so troublesome that its usage is prevented.

Never put your hands or fingers where they might get hurt.

Without the FingerGaurd, you're exposing yourself on your own to possible hand or finger injuries. Your hands are your most essential daily device. If you damage your hands, or particularly and extra significantly, your fingers, you'll be influenced in everything you do. Please don't put your hands where they will be wounded. Stay risk-free. When utilizing the FingerGaurd, you can keep your hands from any potential danger of influence. The finger guard is meant to be held by you, or it will be kept in the setting by a piece colleague to even more reduce the risk of injury. The FingerGaurd device allows you to minimize any risk involved in the job. Also, it gives you the pompousness to execute the work task securely without hurting your hands.

Why Use The FingerGaurd?

  • Are you missing fingers?
  • The discomfort and also damages you can create yourself?
  • Picture not being able to tie your very own shoelaces.
  • Picture not having the ability to authorize your name.
  • Because you must intend to stay clear of every one of the above
Short - KASFG295
  • Part Number - KASFG295
  • Size - 295mm / 33.5mm
  • Weight - 194 grams
Medium - KASFG375
  • Part Number - KASFG375
  • Size - 375mm / 33.5mm
  • Weight - 230 grams
Long - KASFG850
  • Part Number - KASFG850
  • Size - 850mm / 33.5mm
  • Weight - 680 grams
  • Carabiner: Galvanised Steel
  • Long - 850mm / 33.5mm / 680 grams
  • Body: high-impact Poly Propylene (Orange)
  • Strap: Nitrile (Black) / Poly Propylene webbing (Black)

In 2019, the occupational injury stats showed over 21% of finger injuries amongst the whole body parts. Pinch and crush points produced a considerable part of these hampered hand and finger safety. It has dimensions 295 mm, 375 mm, and 850 mm. Without a FingerGaurd, fingers are positioned on the front line of risk while dealing with potentially dangerous tasks. Numerous industries can benefit from hands-free safety tools, including; Oil boring and refineries in both onshore and offshore markets; with a statistic of 45% of hand and finger injuries, oil market employees depend on the first line of taking advantage of FingerGaurd device holder.

Building and construction employees; dealing with hammering procedures, especially at heights, pose substantial dangers towards hand and finger injuries that can count on additional issues.

Maintenance professionals and operators in various sectors; any job that incorporates screening as well as fitting pipelines, a flogging device, possibility of striking hand with hammer and bolts, spanners, restricted area hammering, and so on.

Product Features :
  • Help secure your workers from hand and finger injuries with the correct and safe desired use of the FingerGaurd; make it your site safety conventional method.
  • The finger guard is intended to use the support of the device matching that of hands and fingers; its design is meticulously considered and tested on standard applications and utilizes where big spanners and flogging spanners are utilized on nuts and screws.
  • The materials for construction of the FingerGaurd are developed to be light in weight and quick and easy to sustain and launch the device sustained; if gone down, the FingerGaurd is not likely to harm the customer quickly.
  • Our safety and security tool lanyard is 1m lengthy and made from a bright orange tough safety belt webbing product that can be connected to hand tools to avoid them being up to the ground when operating at height.
  • The products have been selected and created to be immune to ozone and climatic aging and are likewise immune to plenty of impurities

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