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Torch Series

Kasweld is a leading manufacturer and supplier of welding equipment in Saudi Arabia. One of their popular products is the Tig Torch series, designed to provide high-quality welding performance for various applications. The Tig Torch series is made from high-grade materials and features advanced technology to ensure reliability and durability.
Here are some key features of the Tig Torch series from Kasweld:
• The Tig Torch series is available in various sizes and configurations to suit different welding needs.
• The torches are made from high-quality materials, such as copper and brass, for excellent heat resistance and long-lasting performance.
• The torches feature advanced technology, such as a gas valve allowing precise gas flow control during welding.
• The ergonomic design of the Tig Torch series provides a comfortable grip and reduces operator fatigue during extended use.
• The Tig Torch series is compatible with various welding machines and easily integrated into existing welding setups.
• Kasweld offers a range of accessories for the Tig Torch series, such as tungsten electrodes and gas cups, to further enhance the welding experience.
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