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SoluGap Water Soluble Socket Weld Spacer Ring

By gas welding, achieve faster and more efficient welding with the SoluGap Water Soluble Socket Weld Spacer Ring. This innovative solution dissolves easily in water, eliminating the need for manual removal and cleaning after welding. SoluGap is a time-saver and an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option for your welding needs. Its uniform size and thickness ensure accurate gaps between pipes, improving weld quality and reducing the chances of defects or leaks. With SoluGap, you can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and enhance the overall quality of your welding jobs.
Key Features:
• The water-soluble spacer ring dissolves easily, eliminating manual removal and cleaning
• Uniform size and thickness provide consistent gaps between pipes for improved weld quality
• Sustainable and environmentally-friendly option
• Easy to use and install, reducing downtime between welding jobs
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