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The REGULATOR OXYGEN REG035X, UL STANDARD, is a high-quality regulator manufactured and supplied by Kasweld, a leading brand based in Saudi Arabia. This regulator controls oxygen flow in medical and industrial applications, ensuring accurate and reliable oxygen delivery to the user. Here are some of the key features of the REGULATOR OXYGEN REG035X:
• UL certified: This regulator is UL certified, which has been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories, a leading safety certification organization. This ensures that the regulator meets strict safety and performance standards.
• Durable construction: The REGULATOR OXYGEN REG035X is built to last, with a durable brass body and a chrome-plated finish that resist corrosion and wear.
• Easy to use: The regulator is designed to install and operate, with a simple pressure-adjustment knob and clear markings for easy reading.
• Accurate and reliable: The REGULATOR OXYGEN REG035X provides precise control of oxygen flow, ensuring accurate and reliable delivery of oxygen to the user.
• Versatile: This regulator can be used in various applications, including medical, dental, and industrial settings. Overall, the REGULATOR OXYGEN REG035X is a high-quality regulator that offers precision, durability, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for anyone needing reliable oxygen delivery in their daily work.
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