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PRO OX-100B Kit Bluetooth Enabled Programmable Digital Oxygen Monitor

We are introducing the PRO OX-100 Kit, a state-of-the-art programmable digital oxygen monitor designed for industrial, medical, and research professionals. This innovative product is the ultimate solution for monitoring oxygen levels in various environments, ensuring safety and accuracy at all times.
The PRO OX-100 Kit has advanced features that allow for precise and customizable monitoring of oxygen levels. Its large digital display provides real-time readings, and its programmable alarm system alerts users when levels fall outside the designated range.
Other features of the PRO OX-100 Kit include:
• Easy to use and set up
• Durable and reliable construction for long-lasting use
• It can be used with a variety of sensors and probes
• Suitable for use in industrial, medical, and research applications
• It comes with a convenient carrying case for easy transport and storage
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