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Group lock box red color, BD-X01

KASWELD Being a trustworthy name in the industry, we are able to offer a superior quality array of Group Lock Box to our patrons. We are the foremost firm offering Group Lock Box. Lock boxes are ideal for the groups responsible for maintenance working in shifts, with staggered hours or by subcontracting. These products have found their maximum use in locking out large machines in industries with complex setup. Used as storage of various lockout devices, these boxes are manufactured by using high quality steel making it durable. Our offered products come in high quality red coating for our clients. This prevents unauthorized workers to perform maintenance of machinery and equipment from accessing this material.
• Lockout Portable Group Lock Boxes are part of a multi-worker activity when maintenance is carried out on machinery and equipment. Each worker places the key to their padlock into the group lockout box after placing the padlock on the isolation switch or valve.
• Group Lockout Boxes are storage devices used to capture keys for the effective lockout of large equipment. Each lockout point on the equipment is secured with a single padlock. Once the work has been completed, the employees remove their padlocks from the lockbox, freeing the keys inside. Group Lockout Boxes ensure that the keys cannot be accessed until the last lock has been removed.
• Lockout Portable Group Lock Box made from high surface temperature spraying plastic treatment steel plate and stainless steel nylon handle.
• It is a mini portable lockout box and can accommodate several tags out, hasp, mini lockout, etc.
• Several people can lock the essential parts at the same time and can accommodate 12 padlocks.
• The label message is in English. Other langue can custom made.
• Red Colour and easy lock system.
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