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Fire Blanket Fiber Glass Ceramic

Introducing the Fire Blanket Fiber Glass Ceramic from Kasweld - the ultimate solution for protecting yourself and your property from fire hazards. Here are the key features of our product:
• High-Quality Material: Our fire blanket is made of premium fibre glass ceramic material, ensuring maximum protection against flames and heat.
• Easy to Use: The blanket is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and use in case of emergency. Wrap the blanket around the fire and suffocate the flames.
• Versatile: Our fire blanket can extinguish various types of fires, including those caused by oil, gas, and electrical appliances.
• Heat Resistant: The blanket is designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring it remains effective even in extreme conditions.
• Durable: Our fire blanket is built to last, with reinforced stitching and hemming that prevents fraying and ensures longevity.
Invest in the Fire Blanket Fiber Glass Ceramic from Kasweld today and know you're protected from fire hazards.
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