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Fire Blanket Box Type

Please keep in mind that a fire blanket may not work on especially deep grease fire. While the blanket itself probably won’t burn, the grease may seep through and start burning again above the blanket. As in any fire situation, always alert others to the fire and make sure you have a safe escape route in case the fire is too big or spreads beyond your control. Fire blankets are only suitable for one use and will need to be replaced after each application. Always discard a fire blanket that has been used or is broken and get a new one to replace it.
Advantages of Fire Blanket
• No expiry date.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Good insulator and high temperature resistance.
• Easy to carry and store
• Simple to use
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1 Fire Blanket Box Type 1.2 MTR X 1.2 MTR InStock Add to Quote
2 Fire Blanket Box Type 1.2 MTR X 1.8 MTR InStock Add to Quote
3 Fire Blanket Box Type 1.8 MTR X 1.8 MTR InStock Add to Quote
4 Fire Blanket Box Type 0.50MM X 1.8M X 1.8M InStock Add to Quote

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