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EZ Zone Tape

• EZ Zone Tape eliminates the fear of adhesive contaminating the weld area when sealing the foundation gap between pipes because it's composed of two outside adhesive sections, separated by an adhesive-free center “zone”.
• Only the adhesive-free “zone” is placed over the weld, therefore the adhesive never comes in touch with the pipe because it is welded; creating a clean, contaminant-free weld.
• The “Zone” acts as a centering guide, making correct placement of tape and ensuring no adhesive contamination.
• Reduces pipe clean-up time and avoids costly x-rays.
• The surface area. The tape can confirm bent and also uneven surfaces for essential paint-concealing applications.
• Application: EZ Zone Tape is used in vital paint concealing applications for the automobile, marine, and aerospace industries. The tape is straightforward to tear by hand for tool-free application. Other applications are vehicle holding, safeguarding, labeling, painting, and arts and crafts.
• Application Method: For ideal results, ensure the surface is tidy, dry, and dust-free before application. Apply also as well as intense pressure for better bond outcomes.
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