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The welding may be a technique accustomed join the metallic parts with the appliance of warmth. In olden time iron wont to manipulate into useful shapes like welded blade-shaped by Arab armors at Damascus Syria as a sword. The welding was developed at the tip of the 19th century but a true try and use welding on large scale happens during war 1. The oxyacetylene process was developed by the year 1916 and still used with elan.The major improvement since the start is within the equipment and safety. the fashionable electrode initially was introduced in 1907 with bare wire coated with minerals and metals and Arc welding wasn't used universally until war 11 when a sudden need was required.

The long before Arc welding the resistance welding was invented in 1877 by Elihu Thomson for joining by spot, seam and projection welding. within the year 1920 Butt welding was developed to affix rods and bars to form a sequence. In 1940 Tungsten electrode was introduced for fusion welds.