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Kasweld is proud to offer our high-quality Bridge Level Scaffolding, designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of construction projects across Saudi Arabia. This versatile scaffolding system is ideal for bridge construction, maintenance, and repair, providing a stable and secure platform for workers to access difficult-to-reach areas. Our Bridge Level Scaffolding features:
• Modular design for easy assembly and disassembly
• Adjustable height and width to accommodate different bridge configurations
• Heavy-duty construction using durable materials such as steel and aluminium
• Non-slip decking to ensure a safe footing for workers
• Guardrails and other safety features to meet OSHA and different regulatory standards
• Customizable options to meet specific project requirements
Kasweld is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality scaffolding products and services. Contact us today to learn more about our Bridge Level Scaffolding and how it can benefit your next construction project.
Introducing our top-quality leather belt explicitly designed for scaffolding purposes, proudly manufactured and supplied by kasweld based in Saudi Arabia. This belt is an essential accessory for workers in the construction industry, providing comfort, durability, and safety during their work.
Key features of our leather belt for scaffolding include:
• It is made from high-quality leather material that is resistant to wear and tear, providing long-lasting use even in harsh working conditions.
• It has an adjustable buckle for a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring the belt stays in place during work.
• It is equipped with multiple pockets and tool holders, providing convenient storage options for essential tools and equipment needed.
• They are designed with a hammer loop, making it easy for workers to access their hammers when needed.
• Reinforced with metal rivets, ensuring the belt can withstand heavy loads and intense pressure.
• Available in a range of sizes, catering to the varying needs of workers in the industry.
Introducing our top-quality Scaffolding Spanner manufactured and supplied by our expert Saudi Arabian team. This versatile and durable tool is designed to make scaffolding construction and dismantling tasks faster and more efficient. The spanner is made from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability in any construction environment.
This Scaffolding Spanner is an essential tool for any construction or maintenance project involving scaffolding. Its sturdy construction, precision-machined jaws, and non-slip grip handle make it easy and safe to use. Invest in this high-quality spanner today and experience the difference in your construction projects.
Key features of our Scaffolding Spanner include:
• Made from high-quality steel for durability and strength
• Double-sided jaws for added versatility and ease of use
• Non-slip grip handle for improved safety and comfort during use
• Precision-machined for a snug fit on scaffolding nuts and bolts
• Lightweight and easy to carry around on the job site